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Awek Melayu Payudara Besar

Payudara Besar (or so-called, Tetek Besar) is one of the first things that a Lelaki Melayu will notice when becoming attracted to a Awek Melayu in Kuala Lumpur. It's like the worm on the hook that gets the fish's attention. After the fish gets the attention of the worm and it likes it then it gets to know the worm. And they will usually become one.

No offence to Awek Melayu Payudara Besar because they have their following too. A plump woman on the other hand with huge breast makes her body look more proportionate because the breast stick out a lot farther that the stomach Many Lelaki Melayu like Payudara Besar. I've dated Awek Melayu Payudara Besar too

Gambar Awek Melayu Payudara Besar


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