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Fashion Gadis Remaja Bertudung Emo

On the contrary, a big majority of people are judged by the way the dressed and dress codes represent personalities. Ok so there are some people who dress up just because they like the trend but that’s what it is, just a trend. However trends pass quickly and fashioners change dress codes all the time.

For Remaja Melayu Bertudung, to be as “Malaysian Emo Girl”, any type of jeans that are straight legged and form fitting fits into emo standards. Don’t forget to wear heavy dark mascara and tudung, you will be like truly Remaja Melayu Bertudung Emo. Flats or converse high tops are the shoe of choice. Shirts in band designs or animals and rainbows are an emo favorite. Remaja Melayu Bertudung Emo like to wear headbands and pearl-like jewelry to accessorize their outfits.


  1. ellY's emo // August 14, 2009 at 10:41 PM  

    cunlah anis mayonis..

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