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Badan Gadis Sedap as Sexy Teens Body

To achieve a flatter stomach eat a healthy diet, watch portion sizes, and exercise regularly. In addition to cardio activities like running or biking, core exercises like crunches and push-ups, which don't require a gym, can help you tone up your stomach and upper body. Maintain sexy body for remaja Kuala Lumpur was easy if you know how to done it properly.

Tightening up those abdominal muscles requires a lot of work, both physically and mentally. Doing crunches and eating a roti canai with teh tarik afterward will not get it done. There must be the perfect balance of exercise and diet for the stomach to go flat.

Be honest about your diet. List the things that are being consumed that should be eliminated. Most of the items on this list will be high sugar foods and drinks. Start with replacing the oily pisang goreng and fatty nasi lemak with a fruit. The problem with sugar is the excess is instantly stored for fat and especially for men, that fat goes right to the stomach.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk up a flight of stairs to work instead of the elevator. This will provide an aerobic workout and burn calories, a key to flattening the stomach and sexy body.


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