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Awek Melayu Cun Terlampau Seksi!

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Gambar Awek Melayu Cun Terlampau Seksi!

Nightlife in KL – Clubbing with Awek Melayu

Many nightspots have a short lifespan of a few years, as the clubbing crowd of Kuala Lumpur can be quite finicky, quickly changing their preference for more avant-garde and newer establishments; effectively bankrupting the old ones. Below we listed some of popular senarai Club, Pub dan Disko di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

(Gambar Awek) Nightlife in KL – Clubbing with Awek Melayu

Clubbing in KL – Kuala Lumpur Pubs, Clubbing and Disco Lists:

TwelveSI, 12 Jalan Sultan Ismail
Tel: 03 2145 9198
As its name suggests, the club is one huge boom box emanating heart-stomping atmosphere from its Nexo sound system equipped with bass-bins. The club holds many large-scale events ranging from arts to fashion regularly.

50, Jalan Doraisamy, Asian Heritage Row
Tel: 03 2691 1088
Bar Blonde is different from its neighbouring clubs and restaurants. With its stark white walls, high ceiling and designer furniture, Bar Blonde offers a relaxing atmosphere. Also featured is the club’s exotic local cuisine, warm appetizers and a small but quality range of spirits, wines and soft drinks.

TwelveSI, 12 Jalan Sultan Ismail
Tel: 03 2145 9198
The club is a haven for the young, with five plasma televisions splashed all over the place, three pool tables and one foosball table. Patrons may relax on cushioned seating areas while sipping rare champagne cocktails from the Bar’s liquor selection. Barfly is also a part of TwelveSI.

924 & 926 Jalan P. Ramlee
Tel: 03 2713 2333
Straight out of Ibiza comes a club with walls that swirl lava right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. An island bar sits in the center of the place while dancers gyrate on a steel gangplank above it. There’re also plenty of lounge areas to relax in and even a foosball table to play.

62 – 64, Asian Heritage Row, Jalan Doraisamy
Tel: 03 2697 1180
Oriental-themed Bar Savanh is a great place to unwind. The place is decorated with Buddhist sculptures, long opium den style sofas and a fish pond. The mystique ambience is accentuated by candle and incense. Music is subtle, encouraging conversation.

924 & 926 Jln. P.Ramlee
Tel: 03 2713 2333
At this fine club right next to Grand Modesto’s, you’ll be assured of a fun time with live bands, liquors on promotion and themed parties every fortnight.

97 Jalan P Ramlee
Tel: 03 2166 9919
Beach Club looks like a scene right out of Hawaii with plenty of dried palm leaves covering the roofs and beach wood all around. Popular among clubbers, this is one spot you’d want to explore. For a feel of a seaside beach party right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, there’s no better place than Beach Club.

Rohas Perkasa, Jalan Perak
Tel: 03 2711 300
Bleu Bar is a popular venue for underground musicians to strut their stuff, in a bar with plenty of tall stools and posters of sexy women plastering the walls.

12 Jalan Sultan Ismail
Tel: 03 2145 9198
Catering to the more mature corwd, Bliss is the softer version of Atmosphere club downstairs. It’s perfect for those seeking a more intimate environment or relaxed drinking.

Central Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail
Tel: 03 2141 7888
Carnegie’s had been around in Hong Kong, Singapore, Perth and Taipei. Finally, it’s here in Kuala Lumpur. Opened in late 2004, the bar continues the strong theme of music with a more modern feel. This bar has a mezzanine floor with a glass bridge straddling the void in the upper floor. A great place for entertaining music and feel-good ambience.

Jalan Ampang
Tel: 03 2163 2632
Club De Macau has a luxurious decor that spans 20,000 square feet over two levels. Each room fits up to 30 people besides being elegantly furnished and equipped with the latest karaoke units and songs ranging from English to Malay and Chinese dialects to Japanese. Club de Macau also offers sensational snacks and a wide selection of beverages.

G-11, Maju Junction Mall, 1001, Jalan Sultan Isamil
Tel: 03 2772 8588
The Cotton Club Jazzaraunt is a classy jazz bar and restaurant that promises to be the right place to relax and unwind. The bar’s resident bands, Jazzy Chillerz and The Jazzperts will brighten up and soothe weary souls with their selection of swing and cool jazz tunes, while the Jazzaurant offers delectable Western contemporary cuisine served from an open kitchen.

Ampang Park
Tel: 03 2162 1399
Located at Ampang Park Shopping Centre, the Deluxe Nite Club is one of the most exciting spots in the city. The club comes with cozy private karaoke rooms and an excellent dance floor.

12, Jalan P. Ramlee
Tel: 2162 8268
Deutsches Bierhaus is truly an authentic German restaurant complete with its hallmark cuisines and typical German ambience. It’s perfect for anybody who wants to enjoy great food and real German lager in good company

Jalan P. Ramlee
Tel: 03 2713 2333
Smack in the middle of Kuala Lumpur is the cool and classy pub, lounge and club. From the wooden feel of the red furniture to the neon lights that litter the glass walls, you'll feel the warmth of style in a cozy environment. With simply superb dishes and drinks, Grand Modesto's is a place you don't want to miss.

1st Floor, 3.04, Central Market Annexe, Jalan Hang Kasturi
Tel: 03 2026 5039
Formerly a Cineplex, the club retains some of its old architecture, including a ticket booth and silver screen. Resident DJs Jason and Fendi play a whole range of music from techno all the way up to disco. There’s plenty of space to dance on the floor that accommodates up to 400 people at once, and also plenty of bars to go around.

102 & 104 Jalan Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03 2144 3892
Dubbed as Malaysia’s first ‘Funtheque’, Captain’s Cabin hosts the whole gamut of club events, from live performances, contests, games and DJs to sports. Everyday of the week is a themed event but Thursdays cater for those in the automobile industry and Sundays for contractors. Different and exciting? Go figure at this happening club.

Level 11, Grand Seasons Hotel 72, Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur
This three-in-one occupies 10,000 square feet of space dominated by fun, fub and yet more fun! the Fun pub is a little mellowed and you can even opt to play a game of pool. However, if you are looking to party the night away, pop in to the discotheque and groove to all the latest pop favourites and some all time classics. karaoke lovers are not forgotten as there is a large selection of song available at the lounge.

40 Changkat Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03 2141 9924
A British owned pub serving local beers like Tiger, Heineken and imported Kilkenny. Their restaurant arm, Gaslight, serves plenty of traditional British fare. A great mix of local and foreign pubgoers who throng the pub till late hours.

25 Changkat Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03 2144 3001
Frangipani Bar has a large selection of fine cocktails and shooters to choose from as you listen to the DJ spin house music. A fantastic place to hang out and get comfortable on fancy couches and chairs.

2 Jalan Sultan Ismail
Tel: 03 2144 4152
The internationally renowned Hard Rock Cafe attracts a massive crowd of locals and tourists. Live bands keep the place noisy and alive while weekends see some respite with DJs playing rhythm and blues music. There’s excellent American cuisine to try out and plenty of Hard Rock Cafe souvenirs and merchandise to buy.

33 Changkat Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03 2145 2268
The pub takes a page right out of Cuba, inspired by books from the famous writer Ernest Hemingway. Latin music plays through the amplifiers and the walls are adorned with monochrome photos depicting Cuban city life. Crowds of locals, expatriates and middle-aged folks mingle at this cozy location.

Pacific Regency Hotel Apartments
Tel: 03 2332 7777
Located on the poolside rooftop of Menara Pan Global, this contemporary designer lounge offers a panoramic view of the KL skyline. Enjoy “dining under the stars” and unwind with “chill-out” music. Luna features an eclectic food menu, complemented by extensive wine selection and unique specialty cocktails.

5, Jalan Sultan Ismail
Tel: 03 2170 6666
This is the club to be at for the hottest music and coolest DJs. The Nouvo club features many inter-national guest DJs as well as Kuala Lumpur’s top DJs every month.

1 Jalan Kia Peng
Tel: 03 2141 4929
The Orange Club plays some great soul music but did you know that even rock bands play here on weekends? Bands like Wings have graced the stage before, with more such gigs in the future.

Unit G003, Ground Flr, KL Plaza Jalan Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03 2144 6602
This is a very popular club with locals and tourists, constantly packed on weekends. Many local and foreign artists perform on a regular basis. You may also sample American food and drinks or purchase some exclusive Planet Hollywood merchandise.

18-1, Jalan P Ramlee
Tel: 03 2141 8888
At Poppy, you have a selection of bars and restaurants to pick from. Bar Mandalay is perfect for you to unwind, while Havanita is the classy and exclusive lounge bar. Passion, the all-women operated lounge is spellbindingly sensual. The atmosphere is cozy, plush and inviting.

The Westin Kuala Lumpu, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03 2731 8333
Qba permeates a unique and romantic setting for a perfect night out. Relax and enjoy the perfect ambience with low-key lighting while sipping Qba’s extensive selection of boutique wines. From the magnificent interior to the live Latin band performances, Qba lets you have a taste of what is a multi-level Latin experience.

1 Jalan Pinang
Tel: 03 2148 0282
Rum Jungle is like an oasis in a desert of concrete and glass and steel. The Main Floor is where the crowd masses and the show begins. The food offered is a tribal fare with wholesome appeal. Listen to world music such as reggae, Latin, Spanish and even ethnic and tribal percussion.

5 Jalan P. Ramlee
Tel: 03-2164 6666
Within the compound of Nouvo lies this cool club that plays commercial rhythm and blues hits and hip hop tunes.

Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 2143 0020
Sugar Club is an up-market establishment. With its chic warmth and soft ambience, it’s no wonder Sugar attracts celebrities, personalities, artistes and socialites. Serving high-end snacks and a cigar room to relax in, the club also has a raised stage cum seating area, deejay console, dance floor and island bar. DJs spin retro, funky soul and hip hop music. Dress well if you plan to visit, as the club is strict on dress codes.

Wisma Tong Ah, No. 1, Jalan Perak
Tel: 03 2161 6898
The new and popular Thai Club is well known as a club with a saucy reputation. Well worth a visit for those who like their action naughty and rowdy, this Thai/Western/80s discotheque décor club is heavily packed and not one to be missed. Just remember to stay out of trouble; a sign at the door says, “Fight? Banned for six months”.

52, Jalan Doraisamy
Tel: 03 2698 6357
The ambience here is warm and cosy with an ethnic feel. Expect good food here; it has been said that the chefs are flown in from different regions of India. Stir your emotions with their selection of Classic Rock and R&B hits from the 70s-80s while you unwind at the unique sculpted long bar that greets you at the patio.

48 Jalan Doraisamy
Tel: 03 2693 2260
One of the latest to open at Asian Heritage Row, The Ivy attempts to revive old English classics in a cosy and intimate environment. From its décor to the food served, you won’t be disappointed if you’re an English fan. If you love English music too, join The Ivy’s “An English Affair” every Wednesday after 10pm. A bottle of Chivas or JW Black Label will
cost you RM250 nett.

34, 36, 38 & 40, Jalan Doraisamy
Tel: 03 2691 5668
Housed in this four-shoplot massive loft space are Mezzanote, a trendy fine dining restaurant offering traditional and modern Italian cuisine, and Tokyo Tei, an upscale Japanese bistro that serves sushi and various traditional and modern Japanese cuisines. Upstairs, a large open club lounge on the first floor offers early loungers upbeat lounge tunes and late night clubbers music that will work up lots of sweat and grind.

113 Jalan Ampang
Tel: 03 2171 1997
Arguably the most happening club in Kuala Lumpur, the structure of Zouk takes on a futuristic theme with plenty of white shades and round angles. The Mainroom fits up to 2000 people easily while a terrace bar fronts Jalan Ampang. Also check out the Velvet Underground, sister to the Mainroom for cocktails and cool funk and jazz music.

Gadis Melayu Boleh Main Futsal in Kuala Lumpur

Waw, Gadis Melayu Boleh Main Futsal in Kuala Lumpur?! Futsal, 5 vs 5 is what it is. 4 players and 1 keeper. Futsal is famous in Kuaal Lumpur, Malaysia. Futsal is the best indoor and also recognized as the best form of indoor soccer. But that is not the only reason; it's a better skills development and promotes quality touches. In Malaysia, everybody can play futsal, even gadis bertudung or awek melayu.

Gambar Gadis Melayu Main Futsal in Kuala Lumpur

Awek Melayu Cun from Kuala Lumpur

In order to make Awek Melayu Cun from Kuala Lumpur look your way and see you as someone they would go out with, you need an x-factor. You must have something that others don't because Awek Melayu Cun won't find you worth their while until they spot you as someone who perfectly fit the statements like, "Dia sesuai untuk ku." or "Lelaki menarik dari yang lain”

There are different types of men that Awek Melayu Cun from Kuala Lumpur (actually almost every girl) get attracted to.
  • Encik Smart & Hensem (mempunyai wajah kacak)
  • Encik Seniman (mempunyai kugian & pandai bermain alat musik)
  • Encik Penyayang (memiliki sifat romantic)
  • Encik Poket Tebal (mempunyai harta & wang ringgit)
  • Encik Budak Nakal (mempunyai sifat rebel, mcm budak punk atau budak emo)

Gambar Awek Melayu Cun from Kuala Lumpur

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